MCS fails to deploy probe: "Reinstalling probe cdm(6.30-MC)"


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On a fresh install of UIM 9.02 MCS fails to deploy probes to target robots in a group. The errors seen are like the following: "Deployment deferred awaiting probe deployment or redeployment: Installing or Reinstalling probe cdm(6.30-MC)" 
In UIM 9.02 cdm 6.30-MC is not provided, I have 6.33-MC instead in the archive, why does MCS try to install 6.30-MC and not the latest version on the archive? 


The reason why MCS is trying to install CDM 6.30-MC is because the legacy templates (Eg. CPU Monitor) can only install 6.30-MC. 
In a fresh install of UIM 9.02 CDM 6.30-MC is not present in archive, and for this reason, it fails. 



UIM 9.02


If you'd like to deploy the legacy template you will need to download the CDM 6.30-MC for the deployment to be successful. 

CDM 6.30-MC can be downloaded here

If you'd like to deploy the latest version of CDM 6.33-MC (or what ever newer version you have in the archive) you should deploy MCS enhanced templates

For example: CPU Monitor (Enhanced) 

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Additional Information

It is possible to check what is the required probe version for the respective templates by executing the following query (example for cdm):

select * from ssrv2template where probe='cdm' 

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