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Avoid truncated output from XML side-by-side comparison


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


When executing the "Graphical XML side-by-side comparison" assertion as part of a test in ITR, the event output shows the XML string as truncated.
This may especially occur if the XML strings are on a single line and not formatted with new lines and spaces.

The event output may look similar to:
<-<?xml version='1.0'?]><DebugObj xmlns:xsd='' xml...(TRUNCATED)

Are there any properties or settings to avoid the truncated output.

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Release: MSPSVF99000-10.4-Service Virtualization-Functional Transactions-MSP


There are some default limits to the side by side comparison. 
In for the installation where this Workstation is running, increase the default limits by adding the following: 
These values are just an example and may need further increasing if the result is still truncated.

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For further details regarding these properties see: 


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