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OBS_BROWSE_FLT_SomeObject Attributes on Filter Pages Show a List of OBSs Instead of Attributes


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We have a dashboard with several tabs containing project object based portlets. Tried to add a filter portlet with an OBS filter and it doesn't other attribute types  When you get to the mapping portion of creating a page filter, and click the drop down, you are shown a list of OBS's instead of a list of attributes of that type.


Component: ODPRD


This is working as designed.


Any of the lookups that are called: OBS_BROWSE_FLT_SomeObject are designed so that the lookup will show a list of OBS's that are associated with that object. Even though most attributes in the filter show a list of attributes of that type, the OBS lookups in the Page Filter mappings work differently. They will show a list of OBS's associated with that object. Then when you choose an OBS from that list, any object instance (project in this case) that is assigned to any level of the chosen obs structure that also meets any other criteria in the page filter you create will show in your portlets.