Endevor BC1PNCPY getting RC=12 with C1LB024E
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Endevor BC1PNCPY getting RC=12 with C1LB024E


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When running BC1PNCPY the job ends with a RC=12, after reviewing the output the errors C1LB042E error was found 36 times for each member that had a problem. 
What does that error mean? 


Component: ENDBAS


C1LB024E MEMBER xxxxxxxx NOT FOUND scattered among the thousands of 'successfully copied' ones. 

Each messages show a delta member name although the COPY command does not specify any name. This means that the ELIB directory contains entries for these members. In this situation, C1LB0024E tells us that they are 'logically deleted' members. That is, members that have no pages allocated. 

Tthese directory entries are temporary and should have been automatically deleted. Maybe they were left behind due to abends at some point in the past, 

Anyway, these members are bad as they contain no data and, should any element still refer to them, the element or its component list are corrupted and cannot be accessed. Therefore it is safe (or at least not worse) to ignore these errors. 

In order to further check, something to try would be a footprint report from the library in question. These directory entries might contain an endevor footprint pointing to a particular element. If this is the case and the elements (and its component lists, if any) can be browsed, we are absolutely certain that these members are orphaned and we can safely forget about them.