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Logmon - QoS not being generated


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


You have logmon configured to run a command, and configured probe to generate QoS data and store the command outputs as values. 

However, we can see only "0" values being generated in the related QoS.

On the machine, you run manually the command and notice that it works fine. i.e:

[[email protected]_server]# bjobs -u all | wc -l 

In this case, the "141" value should be recorded in QoS.



Since logmon probe runs as a daemon, some commands (except O.S commands) cannot be able to write their results to STDOUT (standard output) file descriptor.


Logmon probe - any version


Two solutions are available:

1- Redirect the command output to a file, then configure logmon to read this file;


2- If you don't want to use a "intermediate" file (some customers don't want this, due to security reasons), you can configure the command to redirect its output directly to STDOUT, as below:

bjobs -u all | wc -l >&1