Question re: spool limits
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Question re: spool limits


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What are the default limits for a job class if none are specified in the config file for print, punch and rdr?

Also, what are the maximum limits that can be set?

What is the normal processing in a worker machine regarding sending files back to the submitter and sending additional copies of data files as directed by the submitting user's exec? 

Does the worker machine count the number of lines of punched data for each individual file sent, or a cumulative total updated as each file is sent as it applies to the default or specified limit for print, punch and rdr?


Release: 1.4
Component: VMH


The issue was due to a limitation set by the user's process and not a VM:Batch problem.


When you set job limits, VM:Batch sets up job monitoring for the running workers. When a limit is exceeded that job is canceled. The monitoring is on a timer so it's possible for a job to go slightly over a limit before it is caught. But the VM:Batch service machine monitors the workers vs. the workers keeping track of anything.


Additional Information

There is an ENFORCE user exit that can be used to allow jobs to exceed limits and keep running depending on the circumstances.