Why did my cdm configuration automatically change?
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Why did my cdm configuration automatically change?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Why did my cdm MCS profile configuration change on a large number of servers?


- UIM 8.5.1 or higher


MCS-based changes:

If the change was due to an MCS profile being pushed out/distributed, and you need to determine which machines/devices were affected as a result, see the query below.

Change the value of the b.profileName in the WHERE clause for the particular profile that you are interested in determining which machines it was pushed to and note that if the same profile was pushed to robots in different groups, or to a specific device, you may have to adjust the query further. 

SELECT ccs.name, b.cs_id, b.status, b.profileid, b.ancestorprofile, a.id, a.timestamp, a.objectname, a.objectvalue, a.action
FROM SSRV2AuditTrail a
JOIN SSRV2Profile b
ON a.objectid = b.profileId
JOIN (SELECT objectid, max(id) AS id FROM SSRV2AuditTrail GROUP BY objectid) c
ON a.id = c.id AND a.objectid = c.objectid
ON b.cs_id = ccs.cs_id
WHERE b.profileName = 'Setup cdm'
ORDER BY name;

<Please see attached file for image>

MCS profile query output for deployed profiles

You can save the results to a csv file in MS SQL Server Studio by selecting the rows and copying them into Excel or save results as a csv file. Note the 'name' e.g., hostname and 'action' e.g., DEPLOYED, field values.

Additional Information

For help on tracking Non-MCS configuration changes or restoring the configurations via global changes, please refer to the knowledge base article: 

How do we make global changes to cdm probe configurations


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