Empty records are seen on the Service Point Configuration Default Areas page and existing records cannot be deleted


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5 empty records are being seen on SDM Administration -> xFlow-Interface -> ServicePoint ->  Default Areas page. Existing entries cannot be deleted either.


1) As part of 17.2 install, the table: default_cat_mapping in SDM has 5 default SDM Category records.

2) Installation/Upgrade does not validate if those SDM Category records being really present on the given SDM installation

Example:  SDM offers a Out of the Box category called Email, and this category was deleted on a customer system. 17.2 installation did not check for this scenario, and just adds a reference to this missing SDM category in the  default_cat_mapping table.

3) Such orphaned/dangling record is what is causing those empty records to show up on the Service Point Default Areas page.


Component: SVCMGT


1) To resolve this, run below SDM command via a command prompt:

#below command takes a backup of the table first
pdm_extract default_cat_mapping >  default_cat_mapping.txt

#below command deletes the content of the same table
pdm_load -r -f default_cat_mapping.txt

#refresh the cached table with in SDM layers
pdm_cache_refresh -t default_cat_mapping

2) Refresh the SDM Service Point configuration page 

3) Make sure there are no System locks on   SDM Administration -> System -> System Locks  page  against table default_cat_mapping.  If there are any, right click and delete them

4) Add the correct SDM categories now via SDM Administration -> xFlow-Interface -> ServicePoint ->  Default Areas