How to use a link to a metric in Investigator without being asked for credentials in APM


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


In many integrations a link to a particular metric in APM Investigator is provided in the form of a url, for example in an email sent to the end user. However, when the end user clicks on the link, the login page in APM appears and credentials must be entered, causing some frustrations. This document provides a simple way of providing the credentials for the links in the notifications so that the user is not required to use the login page.


Any version of APM. 


Follow these steps to bypass the login page in APM when using a link to Investigator:

1- Note down the credentials to be used to open APM Investigator, for example report/mypassword:

2- Edit the link in the email template and add the credentials

     For example, change from



3- Test the link from the email

4- When clicking on the link the credentials will be automatically passed to APM so the login page is not displayed.


Additional Information

1- This simplistic approach is not safe as credentials are in plain text in the url and is only intended to simplify the user experience. 

2- A read only APM user is recommended.