Wildcard Transfer Issue
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Wildcard Transfer Issue


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 Is there any limitation to number of files to be transferred with wildcard? Error message is always same as below "XCOMN0508E Error replacing or creating file." When we retry, the count of number of files tranferred is increasing but never all files got transffered. Transfers are initated from XCOM on Linux.



XCOM r11.6 for Linux
XCOM r11.6 for Windows


No, there is no limitation on the number of files to be transferred from a folder when using the DIRTREE wildcard function. Per the XCOM for Windows trace, the function used to rename the file failed with a error 0x7b in this specific scenario. When looking at the file name that encountered the problem, it was noticed that colon characters are used as part of the file name. This is a valid character on a Linux/Unix system for a file name, but not on a Windows system. Suggested they correct/review the file names if the UNC path used for the transfer is indeed hosted on a Windows system.

Additional Information

Here is a list of reserved characters that should not be used in a file name: 

( (less than) 
(greater than) 
: (colon) 
" (double quote) 
/ (forward slash) 
\ (backslash) 
| (vertical bar or pipe) 
? (question mark) 
* (asterisk)