Xtraction upgrade to 2018.4 does not add Xtraction services
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Xtraction upgrade to 2018.4 does not add Xtraction services


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After upgrading to Xtraction 2018.4 version, the following Xtraction services were not added post upgrade: 

Xtraction Task Manager 
Xtraction Alerts 


Xtraction 2018.x
All Supported Windows OS


Please note that the following are pre-requisites for the Xtraction 2018.x upgrade:

1.  If you originally installed Xtraction 14.x and you have upgraded at least once before upgrading to 2018.x, you need to remove the Xtraction Alerts service before running the 2018.x setup so that the upgrade does not fail.
To remove the Xtraction Alerts service, run the following command from an elevated Windows command prompt:

SC delete <Xtraction alert service name>

Using the default service name, the command would look like this: SC delete Xtraction.AlertService

2.  Stop the IIS application pools

• Stop the Xtraction application pool
• Stop the XtractionWinAuth application pool

3.  Stop services

• Stop the Xtraction Task Manager service
• Stop the Xtraction Alerts service

If the Xtraction services do not appear post upgrade, they can be manually created by following these steps:

1. Ensure that you do NOT have the OS Services Control Panel open 
2. Open a command prompt with 'Run as Administrator' 
3. Run the following commands to create the Xtraction services 

SC CREATE "Xtraction Alerts" binpath = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Tools\Xtraction.AlertService.exe" 
SC CREATE "Xtraction Task Manager" binpath = 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Tools\Xtraction.SchedulerService.exe" 

NOTE: You might need to adjust the 'binpath' values depending on where Xtraction is installed 

4. Open the OS Services Control Panel and verify that the Xtraction services now appear 
5. Start the Xtraction services