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When starting the Identity Manager server an error appears in the logs which prevents the server from loading:

ERROR [ims.tmt.CreateDatabaseSchema] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 235) Error in creating Auditing database schema.: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01430: the column already exists in the table Caused by: Error : 1430, Position : 32, Sql = alter table imsAuditEvent12 add(subject_user varchar2(100)), OriginalSql = alter table imsAuditEvent12 add(subject_user varchar2(100)),


The audit database check up and creation at the startup of the server are failing for any number of reasons. The example in subject here is when a column cannot be updated.


Identity Manager 14.1 


Perform the following steps on the oracle server:

  1. Please delete all existing Audit tables. You can run the CA\Identity Manager\IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\db\auditing\Oracle\ims_oracle_audit_delete.sql file to accomplish this.
  2. If the following tables exist, then drop them: IDMSTALEEVENTOBJECTRECORDS6 and IDMSTALEEVENTRECORDS6
  3. Then restart the server, so that the audit schema is laid down automatically.

If you need the audit data, then please export the data out.