FDM 4.7 - Masking function


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We need a function that would work on all type of database (IBM AIX and ZOS, Oracle, SQL SERVER) that would work on NUMBERS or CHARACTERS that would combine FORMATENCRYPT and FORMATMASK functionality.

We need a function that would consistently masks the given column values by preserving the original format and keeping the unique values and specifies the mask key for each field that we mask.

We should keep the possibility to mask or ignore first and last value. The mask key would be inserted in a field what would look like a password. 


Component: ITKOTD


Engineering provided a patch for this.

FastDataMasker-4.7.3224.0.zip - Windows Installer
FastDataMasker-4.7.3224.0.tar.gz - Linux Installer

Please contact support for copies of the patch. This enhancement will be included in  the upcoming release of TDM 4.8

Bellow we have an example of how to use the new masking function using the FDM Mapper interface:
Rules for Master Key

Characters should be used to b build your Master Key: 
Any Number from 0 - 9 
Any Character from A - Z 
Any Character from a - z 
Any combination with characters above. 
Size of MasterKey 
Minimun 1 
Ideal 20 
Maximun 20 

Note: Everything different of set above will be ignored. 

Valid Master Key: abc 
Valid Master Key: aBcDeRfG 
Valid Master Key: 0123456 
Valid Master Key: aBcD01234 
Avoided Master Key: #$%ˆ&* ======> All characters will be ignored, but the masking process will occur.