Measuring digital certificate performance in CA Top Secrte
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Measuring digital certificate performance in CA Top Secrte


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


Will be implementing digital certificates and concerned with the performance impact. Is there any tracing to get an idea of digital certificate performance?


Component: TSSMVS


A OMVSTRACE r_datalib trace will show the response time for a digital certificate request by CA Top Secert.

Here are the instructions to activate the traces.    

Bring down the region before activating the traces.                      
1. TSS ADD(acid) TRACE                                   
2. TSS REFRESH(acid) JOBNAME(*)                         
3. TSS MODI(SECTRACE(ACT,WTL))                                             
4.ST SET,TYPE=OMVS,SFUNC=RDATALIB,ID=TSS,DSN=datasetname,END (issued on the console)   
5. Bring up the region and recreate the problem.                           
6. SECTRACE entries will go to syslog. OMVSTRACE entries will be written to
the dataset.                                                               
7. TSS MODI(SECTRACE(OFF))                                                 
8. ST DEL,ID=xx  (issued on the console)                                   
9. TSS REM(acid) TRACE                                
10. Please send the syslog which contains the SECTRACE entries. Also so send the dataset from step 4 which contains the OMVS traces. Please email traces as text files to [email protected] with the issue number as the subject.                                                            
The FB 133 RECL BLKSIZE 1330 dataset for the DSN= must be pre-allocated.    
Please make sure it is large enough to hold enough trace data otherwise the
trace will stop once it is full.