Oracle Custom Checkpoint Not working/Generating QoS


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


No QOS being generated from oracle custom checkpoint. Set up query in Oracle IM GUI and specified the column etc., and saved it. DR Nimbus shows QOS_ Definitions for checkpoint name but never QOS_Messages. S_QOS_DATA entries never get generated. 
Tried adding manual QoS List entry and $NAME to qos_key to no avail. Strange thing is that I am having trouble seeing data_engine oracle log entries. The probe does connect and is collecting QoS on the OOTB checkpoints and we are monitoring it fine. Just the checkpoints created are not getting written to DB.


- Knowledge base articles found and used were incomplete


- UIM 8.5.1
- Linux OS
- oracle v5.30/5.41


- Best practice is to create a custom checkpoint in the oracle probe using the Admin Console

You MUST also configure Variables and QoS List settings.

Knowledge Base article #000014959 left out a few steps that must be followed:

- Validate and run successful query to get the variables into the probe temp cache
- Choose the Edit button next to Variables and set the query column required to the 'value' column type

- Re-run the oracle query

- Go to the General Tab and add QoS List type with the checkpoint name, description and the column/variable name which you gave the 'value' designation to in the Metric field. It should appear in the drop down.

- Click Apply and save