IIS probe listening on port 8080
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IIS probe listening on port 8080


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The iis probe is LISTENING on when configured to monitor IIS on the localhost.  This is preventing the World Wide Web Publishing Service from running because it cannot bind to the transport.  Stop then start the Nimbus Robot, and the iis probe is no longer LISTENING on and the World Wide Web Publishing service no longer fails.

The controller probe is configured with first_probe_port set to 48000 and the probe itself is using port 4812 when viewed through Infrastructure Manager or Admin Console.


UIM Server 9.02
iis probe:  1.91


The Filter port configured for the localhost monitoring profile was set to 8080.  This caused the probe to create 3 LISTENING TCP connections, one for the probe (using the probe's port number assigned by the controller probe), one for 999 as configured in the IISRequest.cfg file, and one for 8080.


Change the Filter Port number configured in the localhost monitoring profile from 8080 to 999.  This port value specifies the port to communicate between the IIS Server and the probe.  Apply the change and cold start (deactivate then activate) the iis probe to force the probe to release its connection to the 8080 port.