Issue with CLI - generating (not
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Issue with CLI - generating (not


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iDash Workload Automation


We are attempting to automate the delivery of custom reports for our user base utilizing the SLA reports, however we find that if jobs are still running and the SLA is behind and generates a MISSED, we can't pull that data via the trend report, it shows no data available. We are hoping that we can use the if it can give us a "current status" regardless if the SLA is MET or MISSED. However, I can't even see the report when attempting to generate through the CLI for testing as it says it can be located.


Release: WKIDSP99000-12.0-Workload Automation-iDash-MSP


Yes, the should be able to assist with your request. When a search object is created through the Web UI with either a specific Time Interval or your running a script everyday then depending upon the past days you are interested in - specifying past days and selecting the checkbox - Up to Forecast Duration hours will help as this will select all the SLA's within the forecast window of iDash so that it will cover the expected SLA statuses. So, a typical execution of this CLI report would be idgenhtm -t -s SearchName -f fileName.html The search objects are private to each user so ensure the CLI user executing the script has the search objects created. Executing idlist -t search will display the authorized search objects for the logged on CLI user