Allowing / Disallowing the RDP applet drive mapping capability on a 'per user' criteria.


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes, for security reasons, we may require to disable the RDP Applet local drive mapping capability for some users, to avoid the file transfer between the endpoint and the local user machine running the PAM Client.

Can I allow / disallow the RDP applet drive mapping capability on a 'per user' criteria?


Product: Layer 7 Privileged Access Manager
Version: Any version.


Unfortunately, the current versions of PAM 3.2.x and 3.x do not support the allowing / disallowing the RDP applet local drive mapping based on a 'per user' criteria.
Currently, this is a Global Setting affecting all the users and it cannot be overridden. 

Additional Information

  • Please review the following link from the PAM documentation: Applet Customization.
  • As you probably know, you can visit the CA-Privileged Access Management Community and open an idea to request this new feature for future PAM releases. The other communities users can vote it if they consider it something they would like to have in PAM. Product Management review these ideas and may consider to include these suggestions in future product releases depending on different criteria.