CA View - Can SARPAC JCL be Coded Using EXPDT=98000?


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Can SARPAC JCL be coded using EXPDT=98000?
Our current RMM setup requires that setting to access foreign tapes.


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There are no SARPAC program or JCL parameters available, to accommodate the use of EXPDT=98000, for the tapes being created.

The SARINIT parameter EXPDT has form EXPDT=yyddd.
This value applies to tapes created by SARPAC and the View backup.

The recommendation is to set SARINIT EXPDT=99000, so that the tapes can be under catalog control.

Per the parameter format, EXPDT=98000 is an acceptable value, however the risks and ramifications on View tapes is not known.
It is best that it not be used.