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Can we rename the VSI operations to help to identify the scenarios for each transaction?


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Is there a way we can rename the VSI operations to help identify the scenarios for each transaction?


Component: ITKOTF


It is possible to rename the operations for each transaction, but we will have matching issues during playback.

The name of the transactions is created based on the operation it is captured.
An example, for the operation POST /humanresources/v2/collaborator/get/SEN0001ERRO, if SEN0001ERRO is part of the request, the operation in the request file needs to be something like the: POST /humanresources/v2/collaborator/get/SEN0001ERRO HTTP/1.1

We can also use pieces of the request as arguments or the operation name by using the request data manager data protocol. 
Here is a link to the request data manager DPH:

The Action Copy can be used to copy a piece of data in the request to another part of the request.

This DPH is available only with the Workstation, not in the Portal.

Additional Information

More information regarding match tolerance in the link below: