IDMS PMRM refresh using UCFTSO
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IDMS PMRM refresh using UCFTSO


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Refresh does not work for IDMS Realtime Performance monitor PMRM or OPER when accessing CV via UCF


Release: All supported releases.
Component: Performance Monitor.


If UCFTSO or UCFCICS are used to connect to CV,  PMRM automatic refresh does not function. This is also true of OPER.

Manual refresh of these monitors by hitting ENTER refreshes the screen and all other functionality works as expected.

RHDCOPTF bit 34 was an attempt to make the automatic refresh function for PMRM. The functionality of bit 34 is being researched by IDMS Development to determine if the PMRM automatic refresh can be made to work as it does from VTAM Line connection. Currently, bit 34 does cause the refresh to work but unfortunately makes any function key delay for the same interval (default refresh interval is 10 seconds).

The recommendation at this time is to turn OFF bit 34 and use manual refresh for PMRM.