EventDetails in Audit Trail are 1 line off


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2.5.34 Event-Details aren’t displyed correctly. (same as in 14.1)
If the audit-protocol for a request is opened and want to see the old and new values.
Then the 'new values' don't match the name and data type oft he current line.
The table seems to be displayed 'shifted'.




Windows running CA Service Catalog 17.2


Defect DE48645 has been created for this. To be worked on by our Engineering Team.
Depending on the results of the analysis, the solution for this is possibly to be expected as a patch or fix or a future release.
In other words, there is no permanent solution at this time.
The issue is currently being researched.
Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. 

Additional Information

Repro scenario for r17.2
1. Login to the SC-UI (spadmin/spadmin).
2. Home/Requests.
3. Open a request
4. Open the 'Audit Trail'.
5. Click on the 'Details' icon (right-side of the window) of the first line in the list.
>> The 'Change Events Details' > 'Event Details' window appears.
>> And then you'll see the issue as described:
6. Check the columns and their values (as an example):
Name                       Data Type    Old Value    New Value
approval_process    Integer                             0
category                  Integer          0                  1001
category_class        Integer          1001            10

>>>> The issue:
>>>> The values in the column 'Old Value' is shifted-down one row as it appears.