Deploying change in CA 2E returns error code ARCOBERR


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Trying to deploy a change in CA 2E and receiving error code ARCOBERR .


Component: C2CM


PTC Implementer Change Management stores objects in the archive library with a numbering sequence beginning with A000####.
1. When the number being assigned is already used in the archive library, IM has no choice but to archive the object with its own name, instead of a numbered object. The next time that object goes through, the ARCOBERR is issued. Check the contents of your archive library and move any objects out of this library who have their member name, not a number. Resubmit the failed promotion.
2. Make a note of the highest numbered object in the Archive Library. The MWIPFCTL file has an AR record. This record controls the next archive number to be assigned. Check/Change the AR record in MWIPFTL to be higher than the highest numbered object in the Archive library. If you archive on the remote system, check the highest numbered object in your remote archive library and check/change the data area ARCHIVE in your MKSIR library to make sure it is higher. Resubmit the failed promotion.