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Phoenix UI Modern UX Error in various pages including Roadmaps, Projects, Resources


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After upgrading to Clarity PPM 15.6 and using the Phoenix UI theme, the error displays: "An error occurred while receiving resource preferences"
when clicking on any of the following pages in the New User Experience (UX):

  • Resources
  • Projects
  • Roadmaps
  • Timesheets


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Other similar errors may also be generated including "An error occurred while retrieving preferences." and "An error occurred while retrieving fiscal period ranges". 

Additionally, if you go into Settings->Staffings, Start Period isn't able ot be changed to a different date, and changes made in General aren't saved. 

In Development Tools from the Browser debug, the following error is shown:

{"resourceId":null,"httpStatus":"400","errorMessage":"API-1015 : Invalid filter string '((component = 'project'' . The '=' is not a valid operator for the resource or attribute.","errorCode":"api.errFilterOperator"}
TypeError: Cannot read property 'personalizations' of undefined 
at Object.update 

Errors in the Clarity PPM app-ca.logs show references similar to: 

Invalid operator = for filter string ((component = 'roadmap'
Invalid operator = for filter string ((component = 'project'

Invalid operator > for filter string ) and (finishDate > '2022-07-25T00:00:00')




Component: ODENV


Clear the browser cache. (See steps at: KB000023812)

Additional Information

Reference KB000126420 - Known causes of API Errors in the Clarity PPM New UX


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