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as-job execute access


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys)


A customer received an error when attempting to modify a job for which they are the owner of and have full access to within the EEM as-job policies. 

Here is the starting job definition:

insert_job: parent

job_type: BOX

owner: bob


insert_job: child 

job_type: BOX

owner: Administrator

box_name: parent


Here is the attempted jil update:

update_job: child

condition: v(g45classified)=1


Here is the error message:

CAUAJM_I_50323 Inserting/Updating job: child

CAUAJM_W_10419 Job Execute Access Denied!

CAUAJM_W_10439 No policies granting access to resource.

CAUAJM_W_10440 Class: as-job Resource: ACE.parent User: Administrator Access: execute

CAUAJM_W_10442 Time: 149209788  Delegator: None

CAUAJM_E_10302 Database Change WAS NOT successful.




Workload Automation AE


Look at the as-job policies within EEM (Application set to WorkloadAutomationAE) to ensure the user Administrator also has execute access to the job's parent box, "parent".


If Workload Automation AE is in NATIVE Security mode and the person performing the modification was not a SUPER user they might receive :

CAUAJM_I_50323 Inserting/Updating job: child

CAUAJM_E_10230 User:Administrator does not have Execute (x) permission on job:parent

CAUAJM_E_10302 Database Change WAS NOT successful.


To resolve the above situation one would need to adjust the permissions on the parent box allowing others execute access or be consistent with the owner field for boxes and the jobs within them to help avoid privilege issues.