How to Setup the VSAMVVDS Object
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How to Setup the VSAMVVDS Object


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


All the technical details of your VSAM data sets can be found in the CA Vantage object “VSAM Data Set Attributes (VVDS)” under Data Sets Online in the object tree.  The specific name of this object is VVDSVSAM, which provides 130 fields of data gathered from the VVDS.


Component: VANT


To gather and prepare the VVDS data for this object requires a few more setup steps than the other System Scripts.  Here are the details to setup this object.
  1. Run job (J01BASE) in the CCTUSAMP lib .  This allocates the file where the VVDS data is written.
    1. The data set name should follow the format of all the Vantage data sets  -  %%DSNPFX%%.VVDSDSN
    2. If you use a DSN that does not follow that form, then specify your full DSN in Vkgparm VVDSVSAM .
    3. Use these attributes:  DCB=(RECFM=FB,LRECL=645,BLKSIZE=0)
      This provides 1260 records/cyl (one record per VSAM component).
    4. To see how many VSAM you have, go to Data Sets Online / All
      and do a filter of VSAM.
    5. Calculate the number of CYLs that need to be allocated.
    6. This data set is preallocated and is over-written when the VSAMVVDS script runs.
  2. Customize System Script VSAMVVDS using the script wizard:
    1. z/OS / Object Scripting / System Scripts
    2. Specify when the script should run (once a day should be good).
  3. Edit System Script VSAMVVDS to specify the JCLLIB where the sort job is to be submitted from.  See this line in the script:
  4. Copy VVDSSORT from the CCTUSAMP lib.
    1. Customize the job card.
    2. Specify the DSN you allocated in step 1 on SORTIN and SORTOUT.
    3. Specify the sortworks to total the size of the data set.