install robot on AIX 7.1 failing
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install robot on AIX 7.1 failing


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


manual install of robot on AIX is failing with the following message:

# /opt/nimsoft/install/ enable 0513-085 The nimbus Subsystem is not on file.

usage: id [user]        id  -G [-n] [user]        id  -g [-nl | -nr] [user]        id  -u [-nl | -nr] [user] 0513-069 Usage: mkssys -s subsystem_name          -p subsystem_path          -u userid          [-t synonym_name]          [-a command_arguments]          [-i stdin]          [-o stdout]          [-e stderr]          [-R | -O]          [-d | -D]          [-q | -Q]          [{-I message_queue_key -m subsystem_mtype}                 | {-S -n signorm -f sigforce} | -K]          [-E priority]          [-G group_name]          [-w wait_time] .



AIX 7.1
Nimbus Robot 7.80 or later


This is caused by a failure of the install script to recognize environment variables.


On the AIX machine, after receiving this error, navigate to:


Here you will find a file.

Edit this file with e.g. "vi" or other text editor.

Locate the following variables in this file and replace them with hardcoded values:

$NIMBUS_ROBOT_ROOT :   replace with /opt

$NIMBUS_USER : replace with 'root' or the name of the admin user under which the robot runs

Save the file and run it and the robot installation will succeed.