How to manage the CA Intertest for CICS demo programs stored in the PROTSYM file for multiple CICS regions?
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How to manage the CA Intertest for CICS demo programs stored in the PROTSYM file for multiple CICS regions?


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The client is upgrading to CA Intertest for CICS version 10 for many CICS regions? The client would like to know how to handle the demo programs shipped with CA Intertest for CICS and the CICS control blocks (PROTCI##) used to map out CICS system storage. Does the client have to copy the demo programs to each CICS region?




Starting with release 10 of CA Intertest for CICS the number of demos shipped with the base product has been significantly reduced from previous releases. Version 10 now ships with demos for COBOL/2, assemble and PL/I. In addition, CA Intertest control blocks PROTIN## and CICS control blocks PROTCI## are shipped. The demo load modules and demo PROTSYM symbolic members are no longer shipped for the three demo programs. The client is required to compile the demo source after the base install to create the load modules and symbolic members for the demos. 

Some sites could have dozens of PROTSYM files that contain the CA Intertest demo programs from previous releases. In previous releases upper and lower case demos were shipped along with an OS/VS COBOL demo. The installer may choose to create a separate PROTSYM file that contains just the Demo programs. For example, PROTDEM. Then the installer can change the CA Intertest IN25OPTS parameter SYMFIL= to define two PROTSYM files to each CICS region. See the Installation guide for additional information on the SYMFIL= parameter.

Then the install will reassemble and link the IN25OPTS module using parameter SYMFIL=(PROTSYM,PROTDEM). An FCT table entry will have to be created for PROTDEM with LSR=NONE.

Using this method when the client upgrades to the next release of CICS say CICS 5.3 they only have to load the CICS control block member PROTCI70 to one PROTSYM file PROTDEM.  When you upgrade to the next release you only have to reassemble the program and load the symbolics to PROTDEM. 

The install may also consider cleaning up the old PROTSYM files by running an IN25UTIL report on each PROTSYM file. When you look at the report if the entry is MARKED NOPURGE chances are it’s one of the CA Intertest CICS demo programs. For example 

PROTCI69 ASM 02/16/2017 13:11:00 0 440 ALL - 366 ENTRY IS SET AS NON-PURGABLE 


The IN25UTIL utility program is used to DELETE members from the PROTSYM file.