Is there a way in TPX to see what RACF profile the USER has?


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Using TPX with RACF as external security.
Is there a way in TPX to see what RACF profile the USER has ?
Or for a USER to see their own RACF profile displayed on the panel?

Created matching TPX Profile names to match the RACF profile. So can the USER see the Profile they are using?
For instance here are the different possible profiles they could be part of and would like to display which one a USER is using.:

==================================== TPX Profile Table List Profile Last-updated by Userid
APPDEV     04/04/19 19:10:07
BASEPROF 03/23/19 14:34:41
BTPROFIL  04/05/19 00:47:48
SYSSUPP    04/05/19 00:54:26
FINANCE    04/05/19 00:54:06
MKTUNIT   04/04/19 16:57:27



Component: TPX


The simple answer is no, TPX main menu cannot display the profile associated to a user.

If users are "Dynamic", they are NOT maintained in the TPX database, hence one cannot identify which specific profile is assigned to specific users.
This assignment is handled by the ESM (RACF), during signon to TPX.
Some sites use the TPXUSNSF (SINON/SIGNOFF) exit to assist in profile assignments.