Time Entry Notes Icon not available in the Classic PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Timesheet Line Item Time Entry Notes Icon is not available in the Classic UI if the selected Timesheet columns have been modified and the New UI Timesheets are enabled

1. In PPM, Activate Timesheets in the New UI (from the System Options settings)
2. Go to Administration > Timesheet Options
3. Make any change to the Default Layout columns (Example: Move the order of the Selected columns or add/remove a column. )
4. Click on 'Save' and 'Apply to All Resources'
5. Go to Home > General > My Timesheet Portlet
6. Open a timesheet

Expected result: The Notes icon is visible to the left of the Investment column on the Timesheet task list.
Actual result: The Notes icon is not part of the list.


Go to Administration > Timesheet Options 
Take a note/screenshot of the current settings under 'Default Time entry Options'. 
Click on the 'Restore Defaults' button, followed by the 'Apply to All Resources' button. 
Do not make any modifications to the Default Layout columns, but the 'Default Time Entry Options' can be changed without causing the issue again.

Additional Information

This is not a bug.
Many of the Timesheet Option fields are removed with the activation of the new UX timesheet.  
We did not intend customers to use both old & new timesheets.  
However, if the customer wants to use the old with the new, then the functionality in the old timesheets will be restricted/limited.

If the Modern UX Timesheets are enabled, on the Default Content And Layout section, the Default Sorting Column and Sorting Order are also removed