CA XCOM SSL transfers fail with CAOPENSSL crypto shared library error 126


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Client could not get CA XCOM transfers using SSL to function.
The transfer would get message:
Could not open CAOPENSSL crypto shared library, error no is 126

#XCOMN0298E  Unable to allocate remote transaction program:  XCOMN0780E  Txpi 308: 
TxpiInitSSL Failed msg = <> value = 4294967295


CA's CAPKI product is the interface between CA products and OPENSSL.  This product is installed with the product that makes the OPENSSL calls.
Within the xcom.glb (XCOM Global Parameter file) there is the parameter CAPKIHOME with needs to point the the install directory for the CAPKI product.


This occurred on Windows Servers running XCOM R11.6


The client needed to correct the CAPKIHOME variable in the xcom.glb

Additional Information

The error message is not intuitive and you need to know how XCOM works with SSL to determine the root cause of the product.
In this case XCOM could not find the location of the CAPKI product to call OPENSSL.

Information on the CAPKIHOME parameter is in the XCOM documentation here.