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Does XCOM for z/OS use COBOL and COBOL upgrade considerations


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We will be rolling out COBOL 6.x in the near future, and want to make sure that XCOM 12.0 will not be affected.


XCOM r12.0 for z/OSĀ 


No reported issues. 
XCOM itself does not use COBOL in any way.

Other considerations for COBOL upgrade:
1. XCOM does have an API Programming Interface for COBOL: CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS 12.0 > Using > The XCOM Programming Interface. However, for any API program written in COBOL that calls XCOM, please be aware that XCOM is not responsible for the user-written code if there is a problem.
2. If user exits for XCOM have been written in COBOL, similarly there is no support for user-written exit code particularly any code written in a language other than System z Assembler.