DVPC 2.1 - Is there a way to stop/block usage of DOCVIEW from the MF side?
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DVPC 2.1 - Is there a way to stop/block usage of DOCVIEW from the MF side?


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We moved all users over to CA-Web Viewer but we occasionally see DOCVIEW usage. Is there a way on the Mainframe CA-View that we can prevent the usage? Since the document viewer is a PC tool we can't ensure its gone everywhere. Continued DVPC use evident from CA View SMF Records


Component: DVPC


It's obvious from the SMF record that View "knows" the difference between a regular/natural user and one using the DVPC Emulator, but there is no way of blocking that DVPC access from within CA View.

Additional Information

You can’t prevent DocView access, however certain user actions may be blocked. You can prevent users from queuing sysouts/reports to the PC destination. You can do that with the SARDSTUX user exit (attached). 

To install user exit use BRMJDSTX or BRMSDSTX SAMPO JCL to install into you load library. With the user exit installed, the user will get a message that says “Unauthorized dest”.
So it will take a little work on the client's part to install but, it will restrict Document Viewer usage. 

Please NOTE: Once you make any exit modifications, ALL of that is on you. If you choose to implement, it becomes your code and CA/Broadcom can't support you on anything resulting from that implementation.


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