How the Read-Write RTM_Test can be converted to Read-Only in CA Spectrum 10.3.2?


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CA Spectrum


How to convert the Read-Write discovered RTM_Test to Read-Only?


CA Spectrum 10.3.2


When the RTM_Test is discovered in Read-Write mode, it can be deleted in CA Spectrum, hence it will be also deleted in the device itself.

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To overcome this scenario you can convert the discovered Read-Write RTM_Test to Read-Only.

Read-Write discovered RTM_Test ( DiscoveryState (0x4560093) attribute value is testDiscoveryRW (1) ) can be converted to Read-Only.

The function to convert the Read-Write RTM_Test to Read-Only is now located when you right-click the RTM_Test, there is the option "Convert to Read-Only Test"

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Once the discovered RTM_Test is converted to Read-Only, the DiscoveryState (0x4560093) attribute value is changed to testDiscoveryRO (2) ), and "Convert to Read-Only Test" option will be greyed-out.

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When you create a new RTM_Test through the OneClick Console, the DiscoveryState (0x4560093) attribute value is rtmDomain (0).

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RTM_Test that has the rtmDomain (0) value for the  DiscoveryState (0x4560093) attribute cannot be converted to Read-Only

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Additional Information

Symptom: An option to convert SPM read/write test to read-only, under OC test details view was requested.
Resolution: An option to convert SPM read/write test to read-only, under OC test details view, is provided, so that the tests are not deleted on the device.
(DE391086, 01220075, 10.3.2)