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Executing Request from SOAPui and not Able to get a Response Back, Timing Out


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Even though the VS is up and running, we are getting the read timeout issue. The same VS is running locally (ITR Mode) without any issue, but when deployed into the server, facing the issue.

• Have VS deployed to Production VSE
• Executing request from SOAPui and not able to get a response back, showing a timeout.
• Execute request to local machine running VSM in ITR with no issues.


DevTest supported releases


The ports being used on some of the VS deployed on the VSE were blocked. Did a telnet to ports being used from local machine and could not connect, but then other times can telnet to a particular port and still could not execute request.


Changed the VS running on ports that could not be connect to a different port and the request from SOAPui to the VSE works with no errors.

As a cleanup action we did the following:

1. Brought down VSE, Portal and Registry.
2. Renamed the lisatmp_10.x.0 to lisatmp_10.x.0.backup
3. Backed up the{{LISA_HOME}}/vseDeploy folder outside of DevTest.
4. Deleted all the tracking folders in the {{LISA_HOME}}/vseDeploy/vseDeploy/VSE_2013 folder.
5.  Started the Registry, Portal and VSE.