Top Secret TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC Message Prompt
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Top Secret TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC Message Prompt


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What causes the TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC=  message prompt?


Component: TSSMVS


There are 2 common instances of the TSS7150A prompt with a started task. 

1) The TSS7150A message is issued at startup. If the started task acid has a password, make sure OPTIONS(4) is set in the TSS parameter file. It is recommended that all started task (STC) acids be given a password and OPTIONS(4) be set in the TSS parameter file. OPTIONS(4) will eliminate the prompt for a password when the STC starts, but if someone tries to signon with the STC acid, that person will need to know the password. 

TSS will have to be recycled to pick up OPTIONS().
If you cannot recycle you can enter the password associated with the ACID and Started Task. When entering a mixed case response, enclose the text in single quotes.

2) The TSS7150A is issued when a user tries to sign on to the application and enters the wrong password. In this case the started task acid needs a MASTFAC added to it pointing to the facility you want used for the application. (You can either setup your own facility (rename a USERnn facility currently not being used) or use an existing facility.)

- TSS ADD(stcacid) MASTFAC(facname)

where 'facname' is the name of the facility you want associated with the started task.

- This facility will then need to be added to the users that signon:

TSS ADD(acid) FAC(facname)

where 'acid' is the user's ACID, an attached profile, or the ALL record if everyone should be allowed access.

- Recycle the started task to pick up the MASTFAC.