Top Secret TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC Message Prompt
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Top Secret TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC Message Prompt


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What causes the TSS7150A SPECIFY PASSWORD FOR STC=  message prompt?


Component: TSSMVS


There are 2 common instances of the TSS7150A prompt with a started task. 

1) The TSS7150A message is issued at startup. If the started task acid has a password, make sure OPTIONS(4) is set in the TSS parameter file. It is recommended that all started task (STC) acids be given a password and OPTIONS(4) be set in the TSS parameter file. OPTIONS(4) will eliminate the prompt for a password when the STC starts, but if someone tries to signon with the STC acid, that person will need to know the password. 

2) The TSS7150A is issued when a user tries to sign on to the application and enters the wrong password. In this case the started task acid needs a MASTFAC added to it pointing to the facility you want used for the application. (You can either setup your own facility (rename a USERnn facility currently not being used) or use an existing facility.)

- TSS ADD(stcacid) MASTFAC(facname)

where 'facname' is the name of the facility you want associated with the started task.

- This facility will then need to be added to the users that signon:

TSS ADD(acid) FAC(facname)

where 'acid' is the user's ACID, an attached profile, or the ALL record if everyone should be allowed access.

- Recycle the started task to pick up the MASTFAC.