Using Auditor function 2.2.1, the APF LIBRARY STATISTICS SUMMARY is inaccurate.


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CA Auditor for z/OS


The "APF LIBRARY STATISTICS SUMMARY" (function 2.2.1) in Auditor shows "DUPLICATE LIBRARY NAMES: 0" in the "APF LIST INFORMATION" section but the "APF LIBRARY STATISTICS" detailed report in that same function shows 8 SYS1.LINKLIBs, for example. That seems to be a contradiction. Why do the numbers not match?


Component: EXAMIN


The HELP screens in Auditor are very useful is describing the different panels and information.

The first panel (APF LIBRARY STATISTICS SUMMARY) gives an overview of the libraries, as well as indicating from which source (APF list, Link list, or LPA) the statistics are drawn. The statistics for the APF list and the link list are summarized in separate boxes, and then presented in a combined summary which reflects the current status of your "APF" libraries. ....
**** Current in the important word here.

The second section reviews SYS1.PARMLIB members IEAAPFxx.   Many shops use alternate IEAAPFxx for alternate IPL's after say, a maintenance upgrade.  There may be duplicate libraries listed there that are not currently in use and are located on a different volume.  These need to be validated just like any other APF libraries are verified.