CA Gen CSE Construction Client connection issues
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CA Gen CSE Construction Client connection issues


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


1. When connect to CA Gen CSE using Construction Client after a couple hours it times out. 

2. When changing network, LAN to WiFi, connection is not reconnecting. I connect from home wifi and office wifi using vpn. For example, I connected to Construction client in the office and network is either LAN or Office wifi and put the computer in sleep and connect the vpn using home wifi or connecting different wifi at office itself, it doesn't reestablish the connection to CSE server. I have to reopen the construction client again to select the objects.


Component: CGCSE


A1. The Gen CSE software does not have any built-in timeout for client connections. There must be some timeout on your client PC or on the CSE server, so recommend you check with your network group if this is really a serious problem. 

A2. When you change locations, the IP address changes, and there is nothing in Gen CSE software to go searching for and reestablish connection that may or may not exist. For example, at home your IP address is, and you connect the Construction Client to the CSE server. The CSE server has a session established to IP Now you sleep your computer, and go to the office and connect to the network. Now Windows has an IP address of The CSE server only knows it has a session with IP, not, so the Construction Client will reestablish a connection. The Construction Client must be stopped and started so that a new session is established with the Gen CSE server.