Can the Workbench Output Log be in a separate window?
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Can the Workbench Output Log be in a separate window?


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Is there a way to have the Output log pop into its own window instead of within the workbench window, or pop a window from a standalone UDP on the client machines if it’s a server side UDP?


CA Harvest SCM Workbench client
All versions, Windows platform


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I don't think the Output Log view can be displayed as a separate Window, but what you can do is use the Powershell "get-content" command to display the contents of the CASCM.log file, where all the content in the Output Log view is stored.

I located the CASCM.log file from a command prompt window with the command “dir /b/s C:\CASCM.log”
I then went into Powershell and executed “get-content” on that file with the “-wait” and “-tail 10” options.  For Windows 10 and higher, this works just like the “tail -f” command does on Linux and Unix.  As new information is written to the log file, it will also be displayed in the command prompt window.  For older versions of Windows, it will display the contents, but not automatically update as new data is written.  I think there are other tools on the internet that can simulate “tail -f” on a Windows OS as well.


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