Receiving a RC=0256 during CA LDAP when defining an SSL port in the slapd.con file.por


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Attempting to start CALDAP server using certificate. When providing certificate label and key ring name, the started task fails immediately with RC=0256, and no diagnostic information is provided. (RC=0256 appears to be utilized for most all issues related to the config file.) Debug and LogLevel are both set to -0. I have both the secured and unsecured port defined in the config file. When not providing TLS certificate information the server task starts without issue and I am able to connect (unsecured) with Apache DS. I am able to browse TSS data. Only when I provide the TLS information does the server task fail to start. Will be providing the started task joblog along with my slapd.conf and slapd.env contents.


Component: TSSLDP


.Defining a secured port in your slapd.conf config file, also requires the creation of a certificate and keyring in CA Top Secret.

Modify the slapd.conf with the certificate label name and keyring label name and documented here.

Creating the certificate and keyring in CA Top Secret are documented here.