Jmeter script - How to read the jtl file
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Jmeter script - How to read the jtl file


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We have created a JMeter script.  If a step fails, how can we see this in a jtl file?


Component: WMAPP


To view the jtl file perform the following steps.

1. Open JMeter and load the script in question.
2. In the ASM UI, go to the logs of the Script Monitor that is showing an error.  On the side menu, click on Analysis -> Logs and select the monitor.
3. Click on the Root Cause Analysis (or Detailed Analysis) icon in the log.
4. Once the analysis window opens up, scroll down and look for the link to the jtl file.
5. Once you download it, go back to your JMeter and ensure your script has a View Results Tree in it.  If not, right click on Thread Group -> Add -> Listener -> View Results Tree
6. Select View Results Tree and in the screenshot below, click on Browse and open the jtl file you have downloaded.
7. Once loaded, you can then view your steps in the Text view and on the Sampler Result will be the result of the steps.  Green means the step passed.  Red means the step failed.  The Sampler Result will have an explanation as to how it failed.