How to get a list of Admins using CA Strong Authentication Administration console


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CA Strong Authentication and CA Risk Authentication servers are administered via Master Administration UI. The Master Administration console allows one to generate a list of Admins in say "Global Administrator"  role or say "Organization Administrator" role etc (to name a few roles). Furthermore, the Admin list to extract can be refined on the basis of Admin's "User Status". There are three  possible "User Status" for an Admin user.
1. Active
2. Inactive
3. Initial

There are different Admin roles possible in CA Strong/Risk Authentication. This article discusses the way to extract a list of existing Admins based on Admin "Role" and Admin "User Status"


CA Strong Authentication and CA Risk Authentication server's Master Admin Console


1. Login as Master Admin.
2. Click on "Advanced Search" as shown below.

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3. For example, to get all the Admins that have a "Role" as "Global Administrators"  in all 3 "User Status", check mark all the "User Status" fields ("Active", "Inactive" and "Initial")  as shown below.

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4. As in this example two "Global Administrators" namely, GADMIN and GADMIN2 exist and are returned as shown below, 

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Additional Information

Discussed above is the recommended way of extracting the Admins for CA Strong/Risk Authentication servers and involves usage of the Master Admin console. 

A SQL approach can also be used to extract the raw Admin data using a query like such against the back end Broa Strong/Risk Authentication Database. This not a recommended approach as Broadcom reserved all rights to change its DB tables and the related DB schemas without any notification. Hence the SQL approach is not a reliable means to extract this information.

SQL Query shared folowed by a screenshot of the output below.
select * from ARADMINUSER;

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