Duplicate emails from Service Catalog after Event Filter modification
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Duplicate emails from Service Catalog after Event Filter modification


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Duplicated email Notifications are coming from CA Service Catalog after manually Editing an Event Filter through the web interface.

Specifically for this example:
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Custom Status 1200 = Assigned. 
We used ITPAM to assign pending action to the action takers. 
There is OOTB rule: 
Reequest Pending Action change -> When Pending Fulfillment actions are Assigned 
We copied it and modify the "Event Filter" 
From rpa_status = 1 AND status >= 1000 AND status <= 1099 AND rpa_status_old <> 1 
To rpa_status = 1 AND status >= 1000 AND status <= 1400 AND rpa_status_old <> 1 

After that, everything is normal when it is "Pending fulfillment" (1000). The notification is normal. Each action taker get 1 email. 
When we changed to "Assigned (1200)", there are a lot of emails.
Each action taker will receive more than 1 duplicated email. (It seems that the count is related the count of action takers.) 
e.g. if the action is assigned to 5 persons. each one will receive 5 duplicated email that indicating the request is changed to "assigned". 
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Issue reported against CA Service Catalog and CA Process Automation.



Issue cleared by client performing a restart of the Service after this step:

"6. Restart the Windows service named CA Service Catalog if the content pack includes events, rules, or actions. Restart this service on all Catalog Component computers in your environment." 

The document does mention "restart service" after importing event/rule/action. It does not mention editing through the interface.

Client added a note to their project document: 
"Next time, in case the event/rule/action doesn't effective immediately. Try to restart the service." 

The duplicate emails are no longer appearing.

NOTE: It is not known if this is a general issue or not. Please report any similar findings to CA Communities and mention this document number, so that it may be updated.
If this is confirmed by tests, then the underlying documentation can be updated.