Can the CA Top Secret SECFILE be flashed copied while TSS is running?


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CA Top Secret CA Top Secret - LDAP


Copy the CA Top Secret Security File while TSS is active for recovery purposes.

Will be flash copying a system which includes the security file for recovery purposes. Can the CA Top Secret Security File be copied while CA Top Secret is up.


Component: TSSMVS


The CA Top Secret should never be copied while TSS is active.

1. Bring down TSS before the flash copy of the system.
2. You can flash copy the entire system including the security file with CA Top Secret, but when you restore the system, you will have to go through CA Top Security File process (asi if the file was corrupted), which involves formatting a new security file and copying the backup security file into the new security file using TSSXTEND to recover the Security File. Then point the TSS proc to the new security file and restart the TSS address space.