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Service Image is created with multiple request arguments that are not mandatory


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When creating a virtual service, depending on the data protocol, the recorder recognizes all the request arguments available and the virtual service is created with all the arguments.
If some of the arguments are optional for a transaction, the arguments can be removed by using the Request Data Manager Data Protocol.


Component: ITKOVS




When creating the virtual service, you will need to use the request data manager Data Protocol Handler (DPH) to keep just the request argument you need and the additional arguments will be removed from your VSI.
The request data manager DPH is not available in the Portal, but in the Workstation.

1. Create a new service image using the Workstation.

2. When asked to provide the request data protocol handler, add the Request Data Manager after the DPH needed for the type of payload being captured - JSON, XML, SOAP...

3. In the next screen configure the Request Data Manager DPH.

3a. Add an action to the Action List using the plus icon at the bottom of the window.
3b. Select the Action to Keep, and the Source Type to Argument.
3c. Under the Request panel, Arguments, select the request argument you want to keep for this service image.
3d. Select the Source button.

4. Continue with the recording.

The service image will be created with just one argument.

The VSI can modified in the Portal if needed. 

Additional Information

More information regarding the Request Data Manager DPH in the link below:
Request Data Manager Data Protocol -


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