CA Gen Web application front end dropping special characters
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CA Gen Web application front end dropping special characters


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We have a client server app with server being CICS/mainframe DB2 access via ECI. We have 2 front ends, a windows GUI version and a web Gen front end running in websphere on mainframe using IE 11 on desktop. I have data in DB2 that are special characters e.g. 1ƒŠŒŽš.2œžŸÀÁ.3ÂÃÄ when the data is retrieved by Gui all characters are displayed in GUI. However, when web gen front end calls servers and displays data some of the characters are being dropped. we end up with only 1.2ÀÁ.3ÂÃÄ the characters after leading 1 and before the .2 are missing. Is this a known issue? Is there a PTF that needs to be deployed by us? Is this a new issue that needs to be addressed?

Will upload a file showing all PTFs that we have installed.


Component: Internet Client"


1. In the C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Gen85\Gen\classes\com\ca\gen85\exits\msgobj\cfb\, change the code to look like the following, or you can copy/paste it. Make a backup of the file first. 

public static String serverEncoding( String tran, String encoding ) { 
//if (tran.startsWith("AR")) { /* return transacion specific */ 
// return "Cp420"; /* encoding. */ 
// if ((encoding != null) && (encoding.length() > 0)) { 
// return encoding; /* Return Selected Encoding. */ 
// } 
// return System.getProperty("file.encoding"); 
// return "UTF-8"; /* Default to Unicode Encoding */ 
return "Cp1252"; 

2. Rebuild the user exit to create a class, assemble the application to pick up the new class and redeploy the app.

If Cp1252 does not help, try UTF-8.