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User does not have permission to use DevTest Workstation with the Registry


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Able to login to Portal with LDAP, but when we try with Workstation get this error:

User does not have permission to use DevTest Workstation with the Registry. Please contact your DevTest Administrator. [user=userid]


Component: ITKOTF


Problem ended up being with the setting in the authentication-providers.xml file.

Changed the following in the provider section:

Changed type="ActiveDirectory" to type="LDAP"

This line was commented out, and uncommented:


NOTE: The user-dn-pattern is a DN pattern that can used to directly login users to the LDAP database. This pattern is used for creating a DN string for "direct" user authentication, where the pattern is relative to the base DN in the ldapUrl. The pattern argument {0} will be replace with the username in runtime. This will work only if anonymous binding is allowed and a direct user DN can be used (which is not the default case for Active Directory).

Was then able to login to Portal and see Access Control, as well as login to the Workstation.