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Why do we not see the steps reported in all Script monitor logs


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


Why does the information that appears when you view the log of a monitor sometimes differ? That is, sometimes you want to see the detail of the requests that you have with a monitor to know at what point it is failing and the only thing you can see is the execution of the monitor itself and the result code but not the list of steps that have been executed?


Component: WMAPP


The monitor log files are kept for 2 years but the jmeter steps file is only kept on the check point for 14 days. So any log older than 14 days will not show the steps. There is an execpetion to this and that is due to a caching behaviour. When a log is viewed the steps file is downloaded from the checkpoint (including OPMS) and that is then cached for up to 60 days - so logs older than 14 days that have been viewed before they were 14 days old may show the steps.