GT-Subset Installer for LINUX Installation and Execution guide to do data subset


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


    My use case is to perform data subsetting from source database to another target database on Linux platform.
To perform this activity we need to install Gt-Subset on Linux server and copy data from source to target by running subset scripts.
    Do we have GT-Subset installer for Linux? How to do subset from Linux


TDM 4.x
Source and Target database: Oracle


 There is no linux installer for GTSubset. But, we can generate Unix scripts from subset tool on client machine (windows machine) to do sub-setting from Source to Target database.
     The way how you do it on Windows, follow the same process and while generating the scripts, choose Unix scripts as shown below. This will generate scripts in unix format. So that you can execute it from Linux server.

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