Steps to extract Applications Manager installation files
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Steps to extract Applications Manager installation files


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


During a fresh Applications Manager installation, a number of directories, files, and symlinks are created.

In some situations, such as when a core Applications Manager file or script is deleted by accident, rerunning the installation does not replace the missing file.

This is due to the existence of the $AW_HOME/data/extract_file.dat or %AW_HOME%\data\extract_file.dat (Windows) which is created during the initial installation process.

If this file is found during reinstall, the file extraction process is skipped.


Component: APPMGR


To force extraction of all initial install files, delete the $AW_HOME/data/extract_file.dat or %AW_HOME%\data\extract_file.dat (Windows) before running the Applications Manager installation.

Additional Information

In rare occasions, deleting the extract_file.dat file and rerunning the installation has solved a behavior where all standard local Agent Jobs go into a Launch Error status due an unknown reason (no errors found).